Ear and Nose Piercing

Nutan Jewellers has been established as nose and ear piercers for over four decades. We use world class piercing equipment who are positioned as the leader in Ear Piercing systems and hypoallergenic fashion earrings. The worlds' largest manufacturer of Ear Piercing instruments, earrings and supplies, Studex has an uncompromising commitment to quality and service.

By choosingto pierce your ear or nose here at Nutan Jewellers, you are being pierced with a global brand which has offices in over 30 countries. Working with international regulators to maintain the quality of product and service expected from the worlds' leading Ear Piercing manufacturer.

All piercing products are manufactured to the most rigorous health and safety standards which means that all sterilised jewellery meets or exceeds US FDA medical regulations and are EU compliant.

We have an established, friendly team of Customer Service Representatives on hand to assist with product selection and any queries, as well as a highly experienced team of ear and nose piercers who have been working with the systems for many years.

At Nutan Jewellers we have highly experienced team of dedicated experts providing all of our piercings as well as advice and support on product selection of our ear and nose piercing services.

System 75 has been designed by engineers as an easy to use, hygienic, disposable cartridge Ear Piercing system.

The design of the System 75 instrument ensures that it fits in the hand comfortably for a smooth, accurate and gentler piercing process.

The earrings for the system are jewellery quality with a beautiful selection of styles available in 18carat 9carat Gold and White Gold, 24ct Gold Plated, a surgical grade of Stainless Steel and Titanium.

All piercing earrings are pre-sterilised in cartridges designed for touch-free loading and disposal, ensuring safety for both the Operator and Customer.

System 75 earrings are manufactured to the highest quality and are hypo-allergenic, meeting, or exceeding, FDA regulations and compliant with the EU Nickel Directive. Earrings are made to jewellery quality meaning that as well as a beautiful piercing, Customers will also receive a pair of the finest quality earrings for life.


18ct Gold the highest quality earring available in both traditional yellow and increasingly popular White Gold (Rhodium plated).

For Customers who want only the best!

14ct Gold

A beautiful range of high quality Yellow and White Gold (Rhodium plated) earrings.

9ct Gold

Our biggest selection of Gold jewellery to offer Customers high quality at great value. 9ct Gold styles are available in both Yellow and White Gold (Rhodium plated).

24ct Gold Plated

The gold plated selection is manufactured with a surgical stainless-steel base, which is then plated with 24ct Gold.

Stainless Steel

Studex Stainless Steel earrings are manufactured to a surgical grade,often used for medical purposes such as surgical implants.


As a metal, Titanium is often used in the medical field and is a great choice for Customers with known metal allergies.Studex are delighted to offer two options for the Sensitive display. Both showcase a selection of best-selling styles on the highest quality stand.


Nose piercing

The Medisept Nose Piercer, available from Nutan Jewellers is the most innovative system available.

Recognised by local health authorities, the patented design makes it easy to use, load and maintain without the need for an autoclave and piercing needles.

A fully disposable cartridge system, with easy, touch free loading, piercing and disposal, the instrument offers a hygienic, touch free operation with each sealed cartridge containing one pre-sterilised nose piercing stud.

The jewellery for the Medisept system is Titanium, manufactured to FDA medical standards in the USA, with a Polished Titanium for a "silver" effect and Champagne for a "gold" look. The studs have been specifically designed with a flared post to prevent the need for a clasp inside the nostril and to remain in place throughout the entire healing period.

Ear and Nose Piercing

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