Jewellery Cleaning

At Nutan, we can offer the complete jewellery cleaning and polishing service, which also includes ring cleaning and watch cleaning. Whether you want to keep your favourite piece looking as good as new, or you want it cleaning because you plan to sell the item, Nutan are here to help.

We use a range of professional jewellery cleaning products to remove dirt from hard-to-reach places, ensuring that your items look like the day you first got them. The products we use are non-corrosive and chemical free, ensuring that your item retains its original brightness and shine without damaging the gold, silver or precious stones.

As part of our watch cleaning service, we also offer watch case cleaning and polishing to restore your watch to near-perfect condition, ensuring your watch is clean and free from the dirt and grime that may stop your watch from performing to its optimum level. If you have wedding or engagement rings that you treasure, why not bring them back to life with our ring cleaning services. To discuss your requirements in more detail, why not give us a call today or pop in to your nearest Nutan store.

Jewellery Cleaning

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