Bring your third-party a/c payee wages, tax rebates, insurance pay-outs, housing benefit, giros, compensations, etc. All cheques must be dated within the last 28 days - Housing benefit and other Government cheques within the last 7 days.

At our option, we may require cheques for larger amounts to be cleared through the bank before paying out the cash. In these cases there will be a Special Clearance Fee of £15.00 payable in advance to cover the bank charges. We do NOT cash on the spot private cheques in your favour. With a minimum of three documents of identification - containing at least one signature and another with proof of address - please be advised that we also require that you have your photograph stored in our database. We will verify the cheque, check the ID. And you will be told the cash you will receive against the cheque. You will be asked to provide personal details for our cheque cashing database, sign a declaration on the back of the cheque, and your cash will be presented immediately. Once on our system, you won’t have to provide any document of I'D. And you will find further transactions take a fraction of the time to set you up on our database.


Commission Charge which varies according to the amount of the cheque.


Vender must be over 18 years of age.


Three forms of identification must be produced.

List of Acceptable IDs

  • Passport
  • Birth Certificate
  • Landline/ Mobile Telephone Bill
  • UK Driving License
  • Marriage Certificate
  • Council Tax
  • Medical Card
  • Bank Statement (Within last 8 weeks)
  • Water Rate
  • NI Card
  • Credit Card Statement (Within last 8 weeks)
  • Gas Bill
  • DSS Benefit Book
Cheque Cashing
  • Council Rent card
  • Electric Bill
  • Cheque Guarantee Card
  • Employee ID With Photo
  • TV License
  • Bank / Building Society Book
  • Store Credit Card
  • Student ID Card (With Photo)
  • Wage Slip (within last 3 months)
  • CIS Card
  • Switch / Delta Card
  • Valid Visa / Master Card

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